>Our trip to the lake!

>We spent the past few days with my family at their lake cabin… My family has a cabin at the top of the mountain that Rickett’s Glen State Park is on…and my husband and I took Buckley on the Waterfalls Walk… It’s a little over 3 miles of HARD climbing…while looking at gorgeous waterfalls: Buckley … Continue reading

>Easy yarn-wrapped trees

>So there have been a bazillion little trees popping out on all of the blogs…so I thought I’d try my own. I’m trying out a neutral palette this year…mostly whites, creams, silvers, with some green thrown in there. So I wanted my little trees to reflect that. Again, a super easy and affordable decoration 🙂 … Continue reading

>Our Christmas tree is up!

> This is our third married Christmas…and I think we get better with picking our tree every year! At first, we couldn’t judge the size, then we couldn’t get it straight, and this year…I think we did GREAT! We went to a local garden center (hence the dead trees in the background), because their prices … Continue reading