>Pretty Button Organization

>I love buttons.  LOVE buttons.  I will admit, that I don’t use them for projects very often…but I really love looking at them. I bought a huge bag of buttons at ReStore a few months ago for $1.00.  I am sure they came from some old lady’s house. I separated them all out by colors… I got … Continue reading

>Craft Area Inspiration…link up yours too!

>Right now, my craft space is no where near ready for use.  BUT, before I truly set it up, I went looking online for PRACTICAL inspiration.  It’s so easy to get caught up in amazing craft spaces like this   or this one But let’s be honest…that’s just not going to happen while I’m living … Continue reading

>An organized closet helps me breathe

>I have a problem. When I get stressed out, I go into crazy lady mode. This could be a good thing, but it’s usually not. When I go into crazy lady mode, I start a project that DOES NOT NEED TO BE FINISHED while I am stressed out about something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Case in point: … Continue reading

>Welcome to my CLASSROOM!

>Today I wanted to give you a look into where I spend almost 12 hours of every day…my classroom! Last year, our school underwent major renovations, and I now have a beautiful new room to show off 🙂 I put so much time and energy into my students’ success, and I wanted to show you … Continue reading

>This is the way I organize my "girl space"

>First of all, I hate using the word “vanity” for this space. I understand the reasoning, but it just strikes a nerve. So, I will call it my “girl space” 🙂 So my husband and I are young and on a very tight budget. We have a LOT of hand-me-down furniture around our house from … Continue reading

>Organizing my Necklaces

>As many of you know, I just finished organizing my earrings . Well, it was about time for my necklaces to be organized too! Back in mid-July, I bought this frame at a yardsale for $1.00. I didn’t have a purpose for it, so it has sat around for the past month. When I was … Continue reading