>Take your blogger to work!

>I found out about this fun party from Allison at A Glimpse Inside…and I used her questions to structure this post! Thanks Allison 🙂 Gina from Hiya Luv is hosting the “Take your Blogger to Work” day…fun! Here’s a little more info about the work part of my life…as an Autism Support teacher: 1. When … Continue reading

>An organized closet helps me breathe

>I have a problem. When I get stressed out, I go into crazy lady mode. This could be a good thing, but it’s usually not. When I go into crazy lady mode, I start a project that DOES NOT NEED TO BE FINISHED while I am stressed out about something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Case in point: … Continue reading

>Welcome to my CLASSROOM!

>Today I wanted to give you a look into where I spend almost 12 hours of every day…my classroom! Last year, our school underwent major renovations, and I now have a beautiful new room to show off 🙂 I put so much time and energy into my students’ success, and I wanted to show you … Continue reading

>Halloween Sensory Boxes

>OK, I’m going to be a little bit of a downer before I get into the rest of this post. I do not like Halloween. I just really don’t care about the whole “witches, spiders, mummies” thing. Obviously I liked to trick-or-treat as a kid…and I’m sure I will love trick-or-treating with my children someday…but … Continue reading