>A quick fix that makes a big difference

>As a lot of you know, I am on an extremely limited budget. I am on a teacher’s salary, and my husband is working part-time while he’s searching for a full-time position as a professor (he graduated last month). We rent a 1-bedroom apartment, and most of our furniture has been handed down to us. … Continue reading

>Clipboard Christmas Presents

>As most of you know, I teach Kindergarten Autism Support. I have some amazing co-workers, and we always get eachother small things for Christmas every year. Instead of another candle or basket of home-made cookies (which are GREAT gifts…I’ve just given them too many times now!) I personalized some of those clipboards I made for … Continue reading

>Making art out of a cabinet door

>I’m so happy to be back after a few days of Christmas craziness. I was VERY busy crafting up until literally the last minutes, and now I can finally share the projects I have been working on with you! Just because I gave these as Christmas presents doesn’t mean they’re strictly for Christmas…so I thought … Continue reading

>Clipboards: a work in progress

> So last night I posted this post about my mod-podge FAIL… After I wrote it, I worked hard with a scraper and some elbow grease to get the zebra print paper off. I was able to salvage the pink bottom, and here it is now: Much better. Thanks for the comments…I learned a few … Continue reading