>My DIY Bathroom Makeover

>When I moved into my parent’s basement, I was so excited to give everything a fresh and new look.  Here’s how the bathroom looked before: Mom, I love you, but I never loved that faux window!  We stripped that off of the wall, as well as the wallpaper border.  We gave it a fresh coat … Continue reading

>Slipcover Love

>Just a quick make-over for today… I got a slipcover for our chair! Wooohooo! This was 3 years overdue and I’m so excited 🙂 We inherited the “plum” wingback chair from my parents when we got married…and it’s GREAT structurally. But, can you see that nasty faded side? Yuck. Well, it’s been like that for … Continue reading

>End table becomes inspiration piece

> I went yardsaling a few weeks ago, and I saw this table for $5.00! Really, $5.00? But I knew we had no need for an end table. So I passed over it, and went on to another yardsale a few minutes away. But I kept thinking about that $5.00 table! I decided that I … Continue reading

>Table Make-Over!

>My husband got this table a few years ago, and it has been very heavily used! It has been used as a nightstand, microwave table, and end table…and was still in great condition! It just wasn’t pretty. I took it out of storage, and decided that it had a lot more potential! It was time … Continue reading