>I am lining up people to give away something for my 1 year “blog birthday”…are you interested?!I already have 4 give-aways lined up…and I am looking for 1 or 2 more at the end of July.  It would be great exposure for your online shop.  I advertise give-aways on other sites (My Backyard Eden & … Continue reading

>Tonight, I’m caring for my sick little doggy 😦 He went to the vet for a wellness check yesterday…got his annual shots, and is really sick right now! I’m so sad…here are his symptoms: shaking like a leaf burning up not eating his dog food (I did just get him to eat rice) lethargic just … Continue reading

>Blog Swap?

>Hello to my lovely followers! I participated in my first guest posting with Allison from A Glimpse Inside (whom I love…you should definitely check her out!) in December…and I had a great time! I wanted to know if anyone was interested in doing a “blog swap” with me! In order for it to be beneficial … Continue reading

>Please give me your input…

>So, I just got super excited about surpassing 400 followers, and then I get bombarded with a school tidal wave, and I feel like the cretivity has been zapped from me! Help! I purposely named my blog “Christina’s Adventures” because I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to ONE specific niche for my blog … Continue reading


>Hi my lovely readers! Can you do me a favor?! I have heard from one of my blogger friends that they can’t click on the buttons that I made…or make a comment! However, I have gotten a few comments since I re-designed my blog…som I know some people can see it! Can you help me? … Continue reading

>I’m still making clipboards…

>This week has been a little crazy (American Ed. Week= parent visitations/observations throughout the week), so my life has been: work for 10-12 hours, come home, eat dinner, make a clipboard. Haha! Sorry I’m boring you guys with this…I know this is my third post on these clipboards…but I think they’re turning out really cute! … Continue reading

>Clipboards for the craft fair

>OK, so in case you missed it, I am going to be selling things at a local craft fair for the first time…and I’m getting a little nervous! If you have advice…please share it! I really appreciate all of you women telling me things you look for/avoid at craft fairs. I need all of the … Continue reading

>Help me please!

>So…I think I’m going to be signing up to be a vendor at a craft fair! Ahhh! I am excited/overwhelmed at the same time. I have some projects that are made already, and I have made a list of things I think would sell well at the craft fair…but I need time to make all … Continue reading