>New Items…

>Just popping in to let you know I’ve added some new items to my shop… All of these clipboards are only $6, and can be personalized for $1.50 extra-  Clipboard 1  Clipboard 2  Clipboard 3  Clipboard 4  Clipboard 5 I also added some items to the “SALE” portion of my shop…and who doesn’t love markdowns?! … Continue reading


>So, I don’t think it would be a secret if I told you that I LOVE give-aways.  And blogs are FULL of them!  A small part of me dies every time I click on one of those “winner” posts…and I don’t see my name.  BUT I was so excited when I won this bag from … Continue reading

>Graphic Blue Pillow

>OK OK OK, I know, ANOTHER pillow? I just can’t help it! I am having so much fun with pillows lately, now that zippers no longer scare me! 🙂 Here’s the latest pillow I made: I used the popular “pouf” on this pillow, just like I did with that gray & white pillow. This pouf … Continue reading


>Happy Saturday! I spent the day AT HOME in my SWEATS because it’s been such a rough week, I didn’t want to even leave the house today. My husband’s just glad I took a shower an hour ago 😉 I added 10 new items to my Etsy shop today! Here’s a few I love: And … Continue reading

>Small projects on an ice day

>Well, we officially had an “ice day” today. SO much ice! I haven’t ventured out yet…but I do need to go to the post office to ship an order from my Etsy shop, and I still might have grad. class tonight Wish me luck! In the meantime, I have been snuggling with Buckley…and I finished … Continue reading

>Gray & White flower pouf pillow

>OK, I know. Another pillow? I think it’s all of this snow outside…I just want to be snuggling inside! Plus, once my sewing machine is out and set up, I want to use it before I get to my painting projects again 🙂 I had a lot of fun with this pillow…and it didn’t frustrate … Continue reading

>Elegant Pillow

>I think there’s a theme here…we had another snow day today, and I made another pillow! 🙂 This pillow is much more “formal” than my other pillows I have been making, and I tackled a zipper this time! I was ready to throw it across the room a few times, but I think it’s very … Continue reading

>Flowers with vintage buttons

>There’s cute flowers all over the blogs lately! I decided to try my hand at some… and I’m really happy with how they turned out! They’re so easy to make…you can definitely make some in no time! Start with a silky fabric, and follow these instructions (click on the picture to see it enlarged): All … Continue reading

>Pleated Pillow

>Happy MLK Jr. Day! I am so thankful to have off of work today! I’ve been a little obsessed with pillows lately. I don’t really know why! I made this pillow…and just wanted to make more and more after that! I decided to combine my love for pillows (and the fact that pillow forms are … Continue reading

>It’s a snow day…I made a pillow!

>Our first snow day of the school year…YAY! I love being a teacher on days like today 😉Of course I love to take advantage of this extra surprise time to work on some projects that I have been wanting to start/continue/finish…there’s so many! But I actually did finish one today…my sweet pillow! I really wish … Continue reading