>Striped Plywood Project

>So I revealed my bathroom make-over yesterday… Now, I really love gray.  But all of that gray and white in that bathroom looked pretty dismal.  I have always loved looking at other people’s gray & yellow decor, but have never found the right spot for it in my house.  The living room would be too … Continue reading

>My DIY Bathroom Makeover

>When I moved into my parent’s basement, I was so excited to give everything a fresh and new look.  Here’s how the bathroom looked before: Mom, I love you, but I never loved that faux window!  We stripped that off of the wall, as well as the wallpaper border.  We gave it a fresh coat … Continue reading

>We refinished our KITCHEN TABLE!

> OK, it has been killing me not to share this with you guys sooner. We just finished tackling our BIGGEST most tedious furniture make-over EVER…our kitchen table!! Before I begin this massive post, let me tell you the backstory. I bought this table for my husband before he moved into his first apartment. We … Continue reading

>First BOY project

> It’s my baby brother’s birthday tomorrow! He will turn 13, and it’s so hard for me to believe!Every year, he shrugs his shoulders when I ask him what he wants for his birthday. It’s so hard to find a present he wants! So this year, I decided to go a different way, and tried … Continue reading

>Free Cabinet Doors

> A few weeks ago, my husband and I were on our way to church when we spotted one of those “free” signs on the side of the road that always makes me sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation… it was these cabinet doors! Dirty, dusty, and soaked (did I mention it … Continue reading

>PB inspired candle sticks – and painted book display!

>I was inspired by Impatiently Praying for Patience and her floor candlesticks, and I made my own version. Check out her website…she’s great! 🙂 If you like the look of these…keep reading this picture-heavy post 🙂 A few of you might remember that I went to Virginia this summer with my husband and Buckley… While … Continue reading

>Nightstand Re-do

>I figured I could squeeze in one more post before the craziness of teaching officially begins tomorrow…I swear I am more nervous than the students on the first day of school! : O My husband and I didn’t have nightstands when we got married 2 years ago, until my MIL found these nightstands at a … Continue reading

>This is the way I organize my "girl space"

>First of all, I hate using the word “vanity” for this space. I understand the reasoning, but it just strikes a nerve. So, I will call it my “girl space” 🙂 So my husband and I are young and on a very tight budget. We have a LOT of hand-me-down furniture around our house from … Continue reading

>Making back to school more fun…

>I am a teacher. So I am not loving all of these “Back to School” signs e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! But I guess I’d better make it more fun while the inevitable looms nearer… I inherited this easel from another teacher in my school. It has sat around not being fully used, for the past two years in … Continue reading