>Check out my new design!

>If any of you were trying to view my blog this morning, I APOLOGIZE! Who knows what you would have seen…I has such a hard time re-designing my blog by myself! I must have tried 123098234575 different backgrounds, messed up 98234897612349834258345 times, and it’s not perfect, but it’s done for now! Not only did I … Continue reading

>Many Menu Boards (and lake pictures!)

>Well, I am officially stuffed from Thanksgiving! I had a GREAT time with my families (hubby’s and mine) and we got up to the lake and relaxed. Here’s some pictures from the lake… View of the lake from the house My messy sewing area…keepin it real :p Hubby busy writing his thesis Buckley loooves the … Continue reading

>Magnetic Display

>Happy almost Thanksgiving! I am excited to celebrate with both of our famlies this Thanksgiving. But instead of cleaning the house, I will post about my lastest project! 😉 My 25th birthday was on Monday (woohoo!) and my assistant got me a gift card to Lowes. Does she know me or not?! So excited! One … Continue reading

>Decorative Magnets

> I was shopping in Michaels today (because one of my best friends got me a giftcard for my birthday!) and I saw these: I have seen people make magnets out of the smaller glass “beads”, but I had never seen the bigger ones. They are so perfect! I picked them up, brought them home, … Continue reading

>All the cool kids are doing it…

>I finally made a coffee filter wreath! I have been seeing them ALLLL over the blogs lately…and I have admired the full wreaths at a low cost, so I finally made my own 🙂 All you need is a wreath form, LOTS of coffee filters, several hot glue sticks, and even more patience. Seriously. You … Continue reading

>I’m still making clipboards…

>This week has been a little crazy (American Ed. Week= parent visitations/observations throughout the week), so my life has been: work for 10-12 hours, come home, eat dinner, make a clipboard. Haha! Sorry I’m boring you guys with this…I know this is my third post on these clipboards…but I think they’re turning out really cute! … Continue reading

>Clipboards: a work in progress

> So last night I posted this post about my mod-podge FAIL… After I wrote it, I worked hard with a scraper and some elbow grease to get the zebra print paper off. I was able to salvage the pink bottom, and here it is now: Much better. Thanks for the comments…I learned a few … Continue reading

>Clipboards for the craft fair

>OK, so in case you missed it, I am going to be selling things at a local craft fair for the first time…and I’m getting a little nervous! If you have advice…please share it! I really appreciate all of you women telling me things you look for/avoid at craft fairs. I need all of the … Continue reading

>Help me please!

>So…I think I’m going to be signing up to be a vendor at a craft fair! Ahhh! I am excited/overwhelmed at the same time. I have some projects that are made already, and I have made a list of things I think would sell well at the craft fair…but I need time to make all … Continue reading