>I’m Guest Posting Today

> Please go visit Allison’s wonderful blog, A Glimpse Inside, because I am doing my first guest post today, and showing my tutorial on how I made this for my mother in law: I have the tutorial up on her site, and I would love it if you would go visit, and let me know … Continue reading

>Some Blog changes…

>Hi ladies! In case you didn’t notice, I FINALLY got around to fixing some of the glitches on my blog…and hopefully they work now!! I am really excited 🙂 I know people were having issues viewing my blog through Firefox…and it seems to be working now. PLEASE let me know if it isn’t working for … Continue reading

>Just checking in…

> Hi lovely ladies I just wanted to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about you! I am just very overwhelmed with… Teaching (oh yeah…I DO have a job that requires 10+ hours of my day M-F!) Progress Reports (due next Wednesday…ahhh so time-consuming) Grad. class work (I’m getting an Autism Certification…kind of … Continue reading

>Easy yarn-wrapped trees

>So there have been a bazillion little trees popping out on all of the blogs…so I thought I’d try my own. I’m trying out a neutral palette this year…mostly whites, creams, silvers, with some green thrown in there. So I wanted my little trees to reflect that. Again, a super easy and affordable decoration 🙂 … Continue reading

>"Merry Christmas" Blocks

>I just finished my first Christmas craft of the year…hooray! Here it is: Here’s how I made it: First- I bought foam blocks at the Dollar Store…There’s 4 in a pack, and I needed 4 packs. I also picked up some remnant fabric at JoAnns that was PERFECT for what I wanted. So exciting…love when … Continue reading

>Our Christmas tree is up!

> This is our third married Christmas…and I think we get better with picking our tree every year! At first, we couldn’t judge the size, then we couldn’t get it straight, and this year…I think we did GREAT! We went to a local garden center (hence the dead trees in the background), because their prices … Continue reading