>Mason Jars, Candles, and Summer Nights

>I *love* Mason jars.  Like, love them!!  I was so excited to see the “50 Ways to Re-purpose and Re-use glass jars” post from Stephanie at Under The Table and Dreaming back in May.  And then I saw this idea from the Shabby Nest…and I knew I had to try it! Remember how I got free … Continue reading

>Signs of Spring

>I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of a “design slump” the past few weeks. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work stuff, and then I kept seeing these amazing projects posted on other blogs, and I think I got overwhelmed all over again. Then, I won a give-away from Kimm @ Reinvented to … Continue reading

>Mirrored Centerpiece

>I shared this morning how I got some amazing thrifty things at my local ReStore lately…one of them being this little mirror: the beautiful detailing practically screamed, “Take me home now!” while it was surrounded by a pile of junk. Of course I listened! First step: CLEAN the mirror. I was surprised how it was … Continue reading

>Romantic Winter Vignette

>If you read ANY blog, you’re reminded ALL the time that Valentines Day is coming. I love romance, and love, BUT I really don’t like pinks, reds, and hearts. I just don’t! I wanted to make a romantic, wintry, vignette to quasi-decorate for Valentines Day. Here’s how it turned out: See that book bundle? I … Continue reading

>Table Centerpiece

> So remember when we refinished our kitchen table? Even though no one asked about the centerpiece, I thought I’d share how I made it anyway 🙂 First, I painted that tray that everything is sitting on. This is what it looked like originally… Got it at a yardsale for $0.50. As soon as I … Continue reading

>PB inspired candle sticks – and painted book display!

>I was inspired by Impatiently Praying for Patience and her floor candlesticks, and I made my own version. Check out her website…she’s great! 🙂 If you like the look of these…keep reading this picture-heavy post 🙂 A few of you might remember that I went to Virginia this summer with my husband and Buckley… While … Continue reading

>Beginnings of fall decor

>Well…there’s no more denying it. School has started, and it’s time to decorate for fall. It’s such a bittersweet time of year…I love the weather and the feeling of the crisp cool air, but it signals the end of my summer freedom…and the beginning of a long year of teaching. I had off of school … Continue reading