>Our trip to the lake!

>We spent the past few days with my family at their lake cabin… My family has a cabin at the top of the mountain that Rickett’s Glen State Park is on…and my husband and I took Buckley on the Waterfalls Walk… It’s a little over 3 miles of HARD climbing…while looking at gorgeous waterfalls: Buckley … Continue reading

>Our new place: Part 4

>Well, we’re officially moved in to our new place, and we’ve been living here for 2 weeks now!  It’s so great – we’re still figuring out where to put all of the loose ends (my least favorite part about moving!) but we’re basically settled now! However, for the past 2 weeks, we were living without … Continue reading

>So thankful for some BIG news…

>In a world where so many people find so many things to complain about…I want to spotlight what I’m so thankful for this morning! Hot coffee in a real (and cute) mug – this is very exciting because mugs were one of the last things for us to unpack in the kitchen – no more Styrofoam mugs … Continue reading

>Buckley ate a chicken

>OK, so Blogger decided to stop being so annoying, and now it’s re-posted 20 Below Thursday…so don’t forget to link up!! And yes, I bought a rotissarie chicken last night, put the carcass in the trash can, and Buckley broke in and ATE IT!  He’s never done this before!  My husband told me he cleaned … Continue reading

>Tonight, I’m caring for my sick little doggy 😦 He went to the vet for a wellness check yesterday…got his annual shots, and is really sick right now! I’m so sad…here are his symptoms: shaking like a leaf burning up not eating his dog food (I did just get him to eat rice) lethargic just … Continue reading

>A doggy before and after

>I love a good before & after post…so I am putting my first videos on my blog to show you how excited Buckley is BEFORE his walk: Yes, I just showed you a video in my very messy bedroom with a very unmade bed…keepin’ it real people. Also, I don’t usually talk like this…it’s one … Continue reading


>Don’t forget to enter my give-away!  It ends tonight…I’ll announce the winner when I post “20 Below Thursday”! I’ll leave you with some pictures that make me happy: Buckley rockin’ a doggy T-shirt…begging me to take it off of him: Both of my boys fell asleep on a Sunday afternoon: This was taken like 2 … Continue reading

>A thankful Saturday morning…

>Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by negativity? I’ve had a few weeks like this…so I wanted to make this a strictly happy post, about the things I’m grateful for this morning… 1. A clean playful dog who loves to snuggle with me in bed before we get up on a Saturday morning, and … Continue reading

>Mirrored Centerpiece

>I shared this morning how I got some amazing thrifty things at my local ReStore lately…one of them being this little mirror: the beautiful detailing practically screamed, “Take me home now!” while it was surrounded by a pile of junk. Of course I listened! First step: CLEAN the mirror. I was surprised how it was … Continue reading

>Small projects on an ice day

>Well, we officially had an “ice day” today. SO much ice! I haven’t ventured out yet…but I do need to go to the post office to ship an order from my Etsy shop, and I still might have grad. class tonight Wish me luck! In the meantime, I have been snuggling with Buckley…and I finished … Continue reading