>Autism Series #2:

> If you missed the first part of this series, please read this post first I’ll start with my disclaimer…it’s important! First, a disclaimer: I am in no ways any kind of expert on Autism. If you hear someone say they’re an expert on Autism…run away as fast as you can. Autism is such a … Continue reading

>Autism Series #1: I am First and Foremost a Child

> Welcome to a new series, which uses the framework from the book “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes you Knew“.  I will be using the author’s chapter titles, and adding in my own stories and thoughts about what I know of Autism. First, a disclaimer: I am in no ways any kind of expert on … Continue reading

>Take your blogger to work!

>I found out about this fun party from Allison at A Glimpse Inside…and I used her questions to structure this post! Thanks Allison 🙂 Gina from Hiya Luv is hosting the “Take your Blogger to Work” day…fun! Here’s a little more info about the work part of my life…as an Autism Support teacher: 1. When … Continue reading

>Please give me your input…

>So, I just got super excited about surpassing 400 followers, and then I get bombarded with a school tidal wave, and I feel like the cretivity has been zapped from me! Help! I purposely named my blog “Christina’s Adventures” because I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to ONE specific niche for my blog … Continue reading

>Welcome to my CLASSROOM!

>Today I wanted to give you a look into where I spend almost 12 hours of every day…my classroom! Last year, our school underwent major renovations, and I now have a beautiful new room to show off 🙂 I put so much time and energy into my students’ success, and I wanted to show you … Continue reading