>Striped Plywood Project

>So I revealed my bathroom make-over yesterday

Now, I really love gray.  But all of that gray and white in that bathroom looked pretty dismal.  I have always loved looking at other people’s gray & yellow decor, but have never found the right spot for it in my house.  The living room would be too bold, it didn’t fit right in our bedroom…and since this bathroom already had everything gray…it wasn’t too hard to add some yellow accents!
Here’s my tutorial on how to make that piece behind the toilet:

 I got this plywood at Lowes.  Now, let me tell you a little story.  I had a piece of plywood all ready to be cut in my cart, and there was a guy in front of me who just cut a piece from a bigger piece of the same plywood I was planning on buying.  He decided he didn’t need the rest of his plywood piece.  When I went to give the “cutting man” my dimensions, I asked if we could just cut it from the last man’s “scraps”, since there was more than enough.  He said I could, he cut it, and then told me…”Well, that man is paying for the whole sheet of plywood, so I really can’t charge you for this piece.”  I think I stuttered, and didn’t really believe him.  I even remember him mocking my face of disbelief a little bit.  I apologized…I didn’t want him to think I was just trying to rip them off.  He told me it was no big deal, and I walked out of Lowes with this FREE piece of plywood!  AMAZING!

I primed the plywood, and filled in some of the big dents/holes with some wood putty.

I knew I wanted some bold gray & white stripes, so I took out this painters tape I won from Impatiently Praying for Patience (thanks!!) and my tape measure.  I measured the size of the stripes I wanted…

taped it off…

Painted white first (just one coat)

Let that dry overnight, and taped off & painted the gray stripes:

Once that dried, I cut out circles out of cardstock, and laid them out where I wanted them to go on the finished product:

To bring in my yellow, I used these clearance napkins I found at Target:

I am saving the printed ones, but I used the plain yellow napkins for the next part.

Now, here’s the annoying part.  I made these stupid annoying pain in the butt sweet flower rosettes.  I just hot-glued them directly onto those circles I made earlier.

You can’t tell in these pictures, but biggest one is bigger than my head.  Yes, true story.  It took entirely too long to make these stinkin flowers, but I love the texture it brings!

I attached them with some Gorilla Glue (excessive, but does the trick!), attached picture wire on the back…and hung it up!
Now, I decided to semi-center it on the wall itself, not over the toilet.  So I was left with an awkward space next to the toilet on the right side…so I made that shutter “planter” (tutorial coming soon!)
I LOVE the look all together!  I think it’s so fun and fresh, and thrifty too! 🙂
This is a great idea for renters…it’s a way to make a big impact on a wall without actually painting the wall!
So thanks to a nice man at Lowes, and a Target giftcard (without the giftcard it would have just cost me $2.36) the cost of this project was…FREE!  
For a project that makes such a big impact in this small room…I couldn’t be happier!
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