>My DIY Bathroom Makeover

>When I moved into my parent’s basement, I was so excited to give everything a fresh and new look.  Here’s how the bathroom looked before:

Mom, I love you, but I never loved that faux window!  We stripped that off of the wall, as well as the wallpaper border.  We gave it a fresh coat of white paint.  White paint is like an instant face lift…I love it!
This is how it looks like today:
*Squeal!* Doesn’t it look so cute?!  I am so excited with how it turned out!  
Total cost for the makeover:
Bathmat (from Ross): $5.99
Shutter decoration: $6.40
Plywood wall hanging: Free
Green reeds: $9.99
Total Cost: $22.38

I am so excited to see the cost of that mini-makeover…just over $20!

I’ll be sharing the tutorials for the plywood decoration (over the toilet) and the shutter decoration in the next few days.  Stay tuned!  For now…what are your thoughts on the bathroom transformation?!  I am LOVING it!

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