>Craft FAIL

>Oh boo!  I am such a grumpy mood as I write this…because I was SO excited to share this project with all of you…when it looked beautiful of course!

I went to North Carolina to visit my extended family over Easter break this spring…and I saw these beautiful jute/twine hanging lights from big trees in the evening…and it looked AMAZING.  I thought, “Well…I am sure I could re-create this look in my own backyard!”  Oh, I was so sure of myself!  I had visions of a beautiful bark porch, with twinkling lights hanging from above…maybe a cluster of 3 big lights and some smaller ones…

I’ll spare you all the details of the creation of this project…because…well…it failed miserably.  Basically, I started with this ball, blew it up, greased it up…and wrapped twine all around.  Then I brushed a heavy amount of wallpaper paste around the whole thing and let it dry.

It didn’t harden at all.  
I didn’t give up.  (why, oh why, didn’t I just give up?!)
I thought, “Oh, OK, it’s a minor setback…I’ll try again.”  I took the twine off, and soaked the twine in wallpaper paste this time.  I re-twisted the twine after soaking it in the wallpaper paste…and let it dry again.
I deflated the ball as I peeled the twine away from the edges…and it started to get floppy:
It didn’t look un-fixable at this point.  When I picked it up…it got droopier…
At this point, I sadly realized that there was no way it would hold the Christmas lights I had ordered the week before…they were way too heavy for the very flimsy twine “ball”.  I decided to hang it up so you could see how sad it truly looked at the end:
Oh, so very sad.  I went out a few minutes later…and it looked like this:
At this point, it stopped being frustrating, turned to sad, and eventually just made me LAUGH!  I mean…I have never had such a craft failure EVER!
Please know that it takes a lot for me to post these pictures!  I guess you can’t win them all, can you?  
Any funny/embarrassing/frustrating/sad crafting stories?!  I’d LOVE to hear them so we can commiserate!

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