>Our trip to the lake!

>We spent the past few days with my family at their lake cabin…

My family has a cabin at the top of the mountain that Rickett’s Glen State Park is on…and my husband and I took Buckley on the Waterfalls Walk…

It’s a little over 3 miles of HARD climbing…while looking at gorgeous waterfalls:

Buckley LOVES his walks/hikes:

So pretty 🙂

Please excuse the lack of make-up OR shower (I swear off make-up at the cabin!):

This is the biggest one on the trail…look at it compared to the people at the bottom!:

We go down the mountain first, and then we go back up.  When you’re almost at the top…we see this…which twists around 5 times!  We were really sore the next day 🙂

Buckley has SO much fun exploring outside and spending time with my family at the lake!

The lake is beautiful year-round…and summer is no exception!

Otis made his appearance in this post…here’s a glorious shot of him 🙂  How sweet is he?!

We took some family pictures out by the lake…again…excuse the lack of make-up and pulled up hair stright out of the shower! 🙂

So relaxing 🙂

We had a huge storm one night when we were there…and lightning struck a HUGE Hemlock tree in our yard.    See all of the damage under the tree?

So you know I brought some of the wood back home so I could do a project with them, right? 🙂

We had a great few days…and Buckley is the sleepiest dog EVER right now!

Hope you all had time to relax with your families this weekend!

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