>THIS is why I love summer!

>Drive less than 10 minutes from my house, and you’ll come across one of my favorite places:

Bobwhite Acres is a local farm which grows their own produce, and lets you pick your own produce when it’s in season.  You may remember my pictures from the fall when we went apple picking.

Now that it’s summer – my favorite fruit is able to be picked…


I can’t eat blueberries from the food store because blueberries from Bobwhite Acres’ blueberries taste like a completely different fruit!  They’re SO much better than any other blueberries you have had!
There’s rows upon rows of blueberry bushes just waiting to be picked through…

It takes me a little longer to pick blueberries, because I’m pretty picky.  I LOVE to get the biggest ones I can…look at the size of these!

And the view isn’t too bad either:

They have a little cooler with fresh produce available for sale too, so I picked these up:

Guess how much it cost for all of that?  2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 3 squash/zucchini, and a container of blueberries…for $5.50 

THIS is why I love summer!  

Do you have fresh fruit picking near you?  Or any amazing blueberry recipes to share?

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