>Magnetic Memo Board

>My great friend from work is pregnant with a baby boy!  She’s tried to get pregnant for years, and I could not be more excited for her to have her baby in August!

Laurie knows that I love to decorate, and she’s been showing me pictures of baby bedding and nurseries for months now!  She fell in love with this blue toile bedding, but it was just too expensive.  I knew she loved it so much, and was bummed that she didn’t have it in the nursery, so I thought she would appreciate something in the room with the same feel of the bedding she fell in love with!  I made this magnetic board for that very reason:

It all started with this frame for 50 cents from a thrift store OUTLET – woah!

Again, I keep finding these frames with Jesus in them!  I am sorry if this offends you, but it was very easy to throw that picture out!  I then sanded the frame:

And stained it with my never-ending stain – leftover from my first kitchen table project, and my medallion table too.  This time, my parents pug – Otis – decided he wanted to have some attention, and he just jumped right in the frame while I was staining it.

OMG – I love Otis.  He’s just the sweetest dog in the world!

OK OK moving on.  I bought some sheet metal from Lowe’s…which ended up being more expensive than I thought it would be.  The smallest piece I could buy was 24″ x 36″ (the piece I needed was 20″ x 16″).  I thought they may be able to cut down my piece in the store, but unfortunately they couldn’t.

I measured the piece and marked it:

I was able to borrow some “metal cutters” from my dad.  I had such a hard time trying to cut the metal, I had to recruit my husband to help me:

After this, I covered the metal with the toile fabric.  I actually covered both sides so the back would look pretty as well.  I used mod podge to secure it to the sheet metal.  Then, to add some interest, I hot glued some ruffles onto the left side:

I also made some magnets (I posted the tutorial here) – but I used leftover fabric instead of scrapbook paper:

I put some picture wire on the back, and it was finished!  
I ❤ ruffles, and I think they’re acceptable in a baby boy nursery 🙂
I think it will be the perfect place for special mementos that might not get a frame (ultrasound pictures, mommy’s baby belly pictures, birth announcement, special mementos…)  The magnets are super strong – so that’s not going to be an issue!
I wrapped it up all cute – and now I’m off to celebrate with the soon-to-be-mommy!
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