>Easiest Salmon Recipe Ever!

>My husband and I don’t eat a lot of fish.  We don’t really do lobster or crab, and shrimp is a rare occasion.  The past year, we’ve been working on eating salmon once a week because of it’s numerous health benefits.  Did you know that…

  • Salmon is high in protein
  • Salmon is full of Omega-3 fats (the good fat that your body needs)
    • Omega 3 fats help reduce the chance of:
      • heart disease
      • diabetes
      • some cancers
      • arthritis
      • strokes
  • 4 oz. of salmon provides a full day’s requirement of Vitamin D
We love to eat our salmon on the day we get it from the food store – it’s the freshest that way!  Want to see the easiest way to make salmon ever?!  Of course you do! πŸ™‚
We get a little less than 3/4 lb. of salmon for the two of us.  
First – coat the salmon in lemon juice.  I used bottled lemon juice because it’s all I had – but fresh squeezed lemons are the best!
Then, I pull out the secret weapon:
This stuff works like a charm!  (PS – like my fake nails leftover from the wedding I was in last weekend?!  I feel fancy with them on) πŸ™‚
Sprinkle it on so there’s an even coat on top of the lemon juice:
Cook at 425 degrees for 24 minutes:
Test to make sure it’s done…
And that’s IT!  We love to eat ours with fresh broccoli sauteed with garlic and olive oil:
Like seeing it on my new table?!   That’s also my most favorite wine ever… Gewurztraminer

Easiest healthy dinner ever!  And it’s full of flavor – and it’s super fresh-tasting – a perfect summer dinner!
Do you eat fish regularly?  What’s your favorite?

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