>First day of SUMMER!



So, by now you all know that I am obsessed with Pinterest…and if you haven’t asked for an invitation…you’re crazy.  Just kidding!  But seriously… 😉

There’s some AMAZING summer links out there…here’s some of my favorites from my “Summer Lovin” board

So, in honor of the first day of summer, let’s pretend you’ll all come to my house for a pool party.  In my dream world…

I would make you some White Sangria to sip by the pool….

I would have centerpieces that would look like this:
or maybe some of these:
I would be wearing something like this:
Since I would have gone and picked fresh blueberries the day before, we would eat some of these:

We would have run out of the sangria by now, so we’ll eat these:
While we move on to the next drink I’d make (a raspberry beer cocktail…mmmm):
If you brought the kids, I’d have these ready for them:
After a long day of lounging and laughing in the sun, we might be a little burnt, so I’d have these aloe vera cubes all ready to go:
What do you say?  Want to come to my house for a pool party?!

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