>OK, I know I know.  You have heard about Pinterest from every blogger out there by now.  BUT I just had to share my LOVE!  Seriously…love!!

I first heard about it and said, “yeah, yeah, another social networking site that I really don’t have time for…”


OK, maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time on it.  BUT it’s so hard not to when you’re bombarded with THIS every time you log in:

It’s like DIY.crafty.pretty.funny.organizational. *porn*  I HATE saying that…but I think it gets the point across.  This site is ADDICTING!

This is what my page looks like:

Come on…you know you want to come click on it to see what prettiness is just a click away!

What I LOVE about Pinterest…is I was currently saving things to my “favorites” on my Internet browser that I wanted to try later.  NOW – I can just click this handy little button on ANY web page I want…and “pin it”!  Then, I will forever have the link with a picture saved to my Pinterest account…and it’s basically a virtual filing cabinet for everything creative!  How much better can life get?!

See my ever-growing list of projects I want to try?

Or will this food I have bookmarked make you drool?

There’s so much more…and I’m just getting started 😉

Pinterest is currently “by invitation only”…so let me know if you want to join!  Leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will quickly send you an invitation!  Then we can be real friends and I’ll follow you and you can follow me and we’ll all be happy 🙂  That goes for you people who have Pinterest already…come “follow” me, and I promise I’ll follow you back!  Then we can all see each other’s pretty things 🙂

Pinterest is one of the happiest places on earth!

Warning:  If you see the time on the bottom of my screen shots…you’ll see that Pinterest is the culprit for staying up way too late on school nights!  
12 Responses to “>PINTEREST!”
  1. Kitty says:

    >If you get double comments, I didn't think the first one loaded. I'd like to join!kitbigos@gmail.com

  2. >hahahah crafty organized porn.you are so right

  3. >I just joined Pinterest too and I'm becoming obsessed! I didn't understand what all the fuss was but it's addicting!

  4. >I want to join! I have be wondering about this and how to sign up. So PLEASE invite me. Thanks fineandhandy@live.com

  5. >I'd love to join! natosha.cooke@gmail.comYours is so full of beautiful inspiration!

  6. ShirleyC says:

    >I've been hearing about this so I'd like to try it, please.clarkclay@bellsouth.netShirley Clark

  7. K says:

    >Aaaaand, I'm following you. Yesterday was all about Pinterest for me. Added a poopload, organized mine, spread the love. Etc. Love it!~K

  8. ByBy says:

    >Wow, now I'm addicted too! I can smell sleepless nights ahead!

  9. October says:

    >Amazing! I need this for my first apartment. ❤ May I please have an invite?octoberskye24@yahoo.comThank you so much!

  10. Tonya says:

    >Love it…totally addicting!!

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