>IKEA love!

>So, my husband is super sweet and took me out on a “date” to IKEA this weekend!!  So exciting!

When I’ve gone into IKEA before, I have felt really overwhelmed and ended up with just a few random things in my bag, and nothing that I really needed.  So this time, I came prepared!  I went on the IKEA website the day before we shopped, and found that they have a feature you can use where you can make your own “shopping list” to print out and bring to the store!

Here’s the only picture I took in the store…I looooved this lamp…someone can knock this off, right?!

And my husband and I made our first NEW furniture purchase!  It only took 3 years of being married…haha! We’re so used to shopping at yard sales, thrift stores, or getting hand-me-downs from everyone…this was a big deal 🙂

Here’s our beautiful new chair:

Buckley approves as well:

AND it was only $59.99!  Not bad for our first real furniture purchase 🙂

Want to see what else I got?!  Of course you do 😉

A new rug!!  And…drum roll please…only $19.99!

Again…Buckley approved 🙂

Isn’t it SO cute?!  I really love the print…and the price is just perfect!

Then I got some smaller fun things…like these cute storage boxes for $3.99 (for 2):

I also am in LOVE with this plant pot I got for $3.99!

Seriously, I love it

I also got an ironing board cover…ours is too embarrassing to take a picture…it’s old, almost threadbare, and has hearts all over it.  Yuck.  I can’t wait to put this one on our ironing board!  For only $4.99, I don’t regret this purchase at all 🙂

I didn’t take a picture of my own, but this is the picture from the IKEA website of the sheers I got for our living room:

They are so light, exactly what I wanted!  AND they were $4.99 for TWO PANELS!  I think those might be the cheapest curtains in the world.  Wow!

We had a great trip to IKEA, and we even got lunch there.  For the two of us, it was about $12…and listen to this…if you spent over $100 in the store (we just made it!), you could get what money you spent on lunch taken off of your total purchases for the day!  SO – we got a free lunch!  Thanks, IKEA!  We love you!!

Have you gone to IKEA lately?  Found anything great, or did you feel overwhelmed like I used to?!

PS – IKEA has no idea that I wrote this post, or who I am…I just wanted to share a fun experience and the GREAT deals that I got!
6 Responses to “>IKEA love!”
  1. emilysnan says:

    >hiya , i love that light fixture too , its amazing and i heart ikea i could gladly spend all day wandering around it x check out this post to see what someond did with that light fitting it is so cool http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2011/05/diy-sputnik-chandelier.htmlxmaggiex

  2. Sarah B. says:

    >I love Ikea!! That's a great planter and I LOVE that rug – beautiful 🙂

  3. Happy Mama says:

    >I love Ikea! Wish there was one closer to me. Fortunately, I got to go to two recently–the one in Charlotte, NC, and the one in Atlanta. I got the same plant pot you did–LOVE!http://krogershome.blogspot.com/

  4. Tonya says:

    >We don't have an IKEA, but I wish we did!! You got some really cute stuff!! LOVE that rug!!

  5. >Oh I love that plant pot! Looks like you found some great stuff!

  6. >LOVE that rug!!! IKEA is so awesome haha

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