>Our New Place: Part 3


If you missed the pictures and plans of the new place…click here

If you missed why I’m even moving here at all…read this first!

Read Part 1  and Part 2 first!

We’re almost there!  I am moving on SATURDAY, MAY 21st!  As in – THIS Saturday!  AHHH!!  I can’t BELIEVE it’s already here!  We’ve been working really hard on the place, and I wanted to give all of you a very brief update!


We ended up choosing “Dolphin” by Martha Stewart.

I had visions of a gray with slight blue undertones.  What we ended up with was more of a blue, with gray undertones.  Not exactly what I wanted, but totally fine.  It’s SO HARD to take pictures of it right now…I tried to take different pictures in different lights, flash/no flash, overhead lights/lights off, etc.  Here’s a compliation to give you a feel of it:

See how the light changes everything?  I can’t wait to see it with furniture in the room!
The cabinets came!!  My mom and I went to Lowes to pick out the cabinets…and they had a great promotion at the time we ordered the cabinets! 
Here’s how the kitchen looks currently:
Like the new range?!
Check out the knobs that I LOVE:
And I am dying over the white cabinets with the cocoa glaze:
Isn’t it great?!  I LOVE how it’s all turning out…I can’t wait to see it once the counter tops go in 🙂
We spent our first night in the bedroom (on an air mattress):
OK, on to do more packing!!  Can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys once we get everything in!
4 Responses to “>Our New Place: Part 3”
  1. >Oh it looks AWESOME!! You guys are so blessed! How fun! Can't wait to see more!

  2. >eeck! so exciting! looking good. those knobs are so cute!!

  3. Katie says:

    >It's really coming together!! I know it'll look great once you put all your finishing details on it! Love the kitchen cabinets!

  4. Kelli says:

    >Everything is looking great!! I love the cabinets with the cocoa glaze! Looking forward to more photos!Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

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