>Link up!

>For some reason, we have a really unusually low turn-out to “20 Below Thursday“.  Did you remember to link your projects up?!  It’s not too late! 🙂

Also, if you’re interested in reading the first part of my new series on kids with Autism…click here and read it!!

One more thing – totally didn’t expect to get sucked into this royal wedding.  But I did…oh goodness.  May have stood by the door for about 10 minutes (keys in hand) because I couldn’t leave for work this morning!

3 Responses to “>Link up!”
  1. >The link's weren't working for me when I tried…first it was missing then it wouldn't let you click it…but I will try again now..Thanks

  2. Tonya says:

    >Totally got sucked in too!! Been watching the coverage all day!!

  3. >I was one of the nuts that stayed up to watch it unfold live. Now it has totally thrown off my sleep schedule. I'm still up (again) at 4am! Anyway, I posted my summer mantel and I hope you get more entries! And yes, it is officially summer where I live. We hot 90 today for the 3rd time. 😦

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