>Tonight, I’m caring for my sick little doggy 😦 He went to the vet for a wellness check yesterday…got his annual shots, and is really sick right now! I’m so sad…here are his symptoms:

  • shaking like a leaf
  • burning up
  • not eating his dog food (I did just get him to eat rice)
  • lethargic
    • just not moving a lot at all -you can tell it hurts him to move
To make matters worse, it’s his “birthday” today!  We adopted him last year on April 19th…I was planning on having a little treat ready for him to celebrate his birthday…but instead he is like this 😦
I even took a very sad video for you to see how sad I am…how can you not be when your “baby” is like this?! 
Any suggestions?  We called the vet…they basically told us to give it more time (it’s been about 30 hours or so since his shots) and wait it out.  I believe them…I just hate feeling helpless.
Dog lovers…help!
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  1. Bonnie says:

    >Oh, poor poor thing! He needs to go back to the vet tomorrow, don't you think?

  2. >Aw, I'm so sorry. I'm always on pins and needles whenever my dogs get their shots because I'm worried about some kind of reaction like this. I hope he gets better very soon.Hugs,Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  3. >Oh poor thing!! I showed travis your video & he got so sad!! I'm glad to see he likes softies… lily will only sleep on them (that's what we call fleece blankets! Lol). Did you try a heating pad? When Lily was at the vet they said she was shaking really bad so they put a heating pad in her kennel with her. If you don't have one, you could try throwing your blankets in the dryer for a bit?? Hope he feels better! He deserves some peanut butter 🙂

  4. Teri says:

    >Pets, like people, can have a reaction to immunizations. You kind of feeling like you have the illness! (Don’t even talk to me about typhoid or rabies immunization – I HATE them!) Beside feeling ‘sick’ the injection area can really hurt.When my dachie would have a reaction, I would spoil her rotten for a couple days. Make a fuss over her, hand feed her some boiled chicken (cut really tiny so she would think she was getting a lot) and just generally make her life easy for about 3 days.

  5. - Brittany says:

    >Christina,Oh, your poor baby! I'm sorry he's so sick. I would definitely take him to the vet tomorrow if he isn't better. That seems like an extreme reaction to his VX. I would also want them to note in his file that he reacted like that for next time (if it is a reaction.)Good for you for adopting. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. Glad your family was okay. Have a safe trip to Cary, NC.Brittany

  6. Kitty says:

    >I know when my mom brings home her dog, he lays around all day, looks sad, and it's hard for him to move his legs (where the shots go). I'd still check up on the vet, but maybe it was just a traumatic experiences and he's in pain. Check with the vet to see if you can give him any pain medication, if that's the case. I hope he feels better soon 😦

  7. SLMS says:

    >Poor Buckley! So sad..such bad timing! I hope he is feeling better real soon. Sorry Tina

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  9. >I hope he is feeling better soon. I have never had problems from vaccine shots with our pets. I would keep calling if you think he is not getting better.

  10. >Since we don't have kids yet, my little B is my kid. I hate it when he's not feeling well. Your video made me teary! Definitely warm the blankets in the dryer. Rice is good. I feed B baby rice cereal when he's not feeling good and needs to keep food in.

  11. Tanya says:

    >Awww, poor thing. Hope he improves overnight.

  12. >I'm sorry to hear he is feeling so badly. I would definitely take him back in if he isn't better by this afternoon or before the vet closes for the night. You never know what reaction he may have had. Please keep us updated!!

  13. tlateach says:

    >Oh I'm so sad for Buckey. Definately let the vet know he had a terrible reaction. Some of my pets have had bad reactions too.My new puppy gave the other three dogs doggie cold and they didn't know how to use tissues. We'll say a prayer for Bucky. Hugs.

  14. Maria Matta says:

    >Im sooo sorry this happened!! The same thing happened to my sweet baby dog. He got his annual shots and all the works and came home with the same symptoms. I called the vet back, and they told me to wait, but i was so worried that i just drove down to the vet again. It resulted on my baby being allergic to one of the shots. He was given a shot of "insert benadryl pharmacy name here" and was a little sleepy, but in better spirits than before. Be careful on what the symptoms are and if they get worse. He was prob allergic to something.

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