>Free & Cheap…just the way I like it

>After a very tiring work week, I ran to the closest ReStore to look for “treasures”. Last time I went, I really didn’t find much of anything. Yesterday, I scored!

Wanna see?!

I got this beauty for $4…don’t worry, she’ll be much prettier soon 🙂 Can’t wait!

Bag of thread: $1.50
Bag of buttons (I can’t tell you how happy buttons make me!!): $2.00

Sheet Music: Free
Cabinet Door: $2.00
AND I got an amazing package in the mail…a free sample of paint from Valspar!!
Imagine: Cabinet door above + Free paint… 🙂
I hope you’ve heard about Valspar’s free sample by now…I’ve been DYING to get it, but it goes up every morning at 10:00 AM (EST) and I’m teaching then, so I couldn’t get it! Presidents Day provided the perfect opportunity for me…and I got the package 4 days later! I’m so excited!! Get your own…they’re giving out 1,000 of these EVERY DAY while supplies last! And you get to pick your own paint color! Amazing!
I’m a very happy girl this Saturday morning 🙂 And now, as promised, I get to drink my coffee slowly while I visit all of the inspiring thrifty posts from “20 Below Thursday” (there’s still time to link up!)
Oh, and I lost 4 pounds on my first week of WW Online. Woo-hoo!! 🙂
4 Responses to “>Free & Cheap…just the way I like it”
  1. >Congrats on the weight loss! Awesome! I got my free sample of Valspar paint to. I'm really loving the $5 coupon that came with it! Wow! Love all your treasures and can't wait to see what you do with that mirror! Enjoy your weekend!Hugs,Donna

  2. Ming says:

    >Hi Christine,Thanks for the heads up about the Valspar paint sample…FREE is one of my FAVORITE four letter words, 😉 I ordered my FREE sample.Congrats on the weight loss. I do WW and really need to get with the program AGAIN. I know there is success if you follow the program…keep up the good work!

  3. >Oh I just now caught this and am sharing it with a link back to you! Thanks so much and the mirror=amazing.

  4. >Holy cow, I'm jealous of that bag o' buttons 🙂

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