>Knock-off Ballard Designs Book Bundle

>If you got the latest Ballard Designs Catalog, I’m sure you couldn’t help but notice their book bundles. Seriously, they was at least one every few pages! I’ve seen many bloggers knock-off this design, but in case you hadn’t seen them, I thought I’d show you mine. It’s so easy, it seems silly to write a post about it!

First, start with some books. Either “shop your house” or go to the thrift store (which is what I did)

I looked for books that would stack nicely together. Then, tear the covers off, and other pages until you get to the page you think looks good on top. While you’re doing that, steep some tea (I ended up using 4 bags).

Take a tea bag out, and squeeze out allll of the water. This is important, because otherwise your books will get really wrinkly. Then, just rub the tea bag directly on the book:

You can wait for them to dry, and then do a second coat, or leave it like this. Then, simply stack them on top of eachother, and tie them up (I used some jute I had in my craft supplies), and you have a lovely accent to your home decor! Sooo easy! Here’s some pictures of it in my “romantic winter vignette“…

I made this for $2.75 (the cost of the books), which is much better than the $25 stacks from BD:
(and I honestly do like mine better!)

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34 Responses to “>Knock-off Ballard Designs Book Bundle”
  1. >wow how cleaver! I love the way they look, so vintage!

  2. ~Tonja~ says:

    >Yes your is much prettier then theirs….

  3. >I love yours better! Thanks for sharing…this is on my list now!

  4. >I have a few sets around the house that I made and love them… You wanna know the funniest thing? PB and Ballards knocked of Miss Mustard Seed… She had them on her blog WAY before those catalogs EVER came out!! LOL! So now the big boys are knocking off the blogs.. Funny huh?

  5. >I've been wanting to make these ever since I saw them in the bd catalog…great job!

  6. Randi says:

    >This is on my project list … so easy, so cheap and I just love the look!

  7. Michelle L. says:

    >I love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I wouldn't have thought to use a tea bag – so it WAS very necessary! Your vignette is beautiful.

  8. Cindy says:

    >Really? So easy and so pretty!

  9. Tonya says:

    >Very cute!! Decorchick (I don't know if you are familiar with her site) actually did a post similar to this regarding the Ballard Book knock-offs, but I don't recall her using tea bags to stain the paper! Great idea! Love the way it added to the look!

  10. Jennifer says:

    >Very pretty! Never thought to take the covers off of old, ugly books. Nice transformation!jenScissors & Spatulas

  11. Lauren says:

    >Such a cute idea! I love this. Simple but leaves a big impact 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    >Yep. Yours is MUCH better!

  13. DogsMom says:

    >As a lover of books this is very painful to me.

  14. >Looking awesome! Those books look so vintage! Visiting from Dittle Dattle!

  15. bj says:

    >Yes, I am seeing these in Pottery Barn, too.Our thrift store has a bin with books that have the covers off..I will buy a stack and do this cute trick.Thanks so much and hope you'll run over to see me soon.:)

  16. bj says:

    >I just became your 389th follower…:))

  17. >Love them! I hope you'll come link them up at the craft catwalk!http://embellishinglifeeveryday.blogspot.com/

  18. >oooo! I love!! We are supposed to be snowed in tomorrow and this would be a perfect, indoor, sitting by the fire craft.

  19. >Thanks for sharing! What a cool idea!

  20. Megan says:

    >Oh my goodness, anytime, girl. 🙂 You rock. And hey! Congrats on being featured on Just Somethign I whipped up!!! That was so cool to see you on there!!Another snow day tomorrow- deciding what to make. Made another pillow today but can't post bc it's for a friend who reads the blog. 🙂

  21. >Love these!! Found you through DIY Showoff. Will you share them this weekend at my linky party?

  22. Ruth says:

    >Great idea. Time to look for some old books in the basement.Ruth

  23. >Lovely, Christina! And much more affordable! Do people really pay those retail prices? lolThanks for linking to the party!Blessings,Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottagehttp://thebrambleberrycottage.blogspot.com/

  24. Maggie says:

    >OMg I can't believe the cost of the books to be $25.??? sheeshDon't forget to link it in our linking party this week.http://www.passionatelyartistic.com/2011/02/fun-ideas-for-valentine-day-2011be.htmlMaggie

  25. shah wharton says:

    >Great idea! I gave you my follow. Hi I'm shah from wordsinsync.blogspot.com – I want people like you to link up at my blog hop tomorrow for the weekend, as its for creative peeps. Please consider stopping by. Shah. X

  26. >I saw these at BD and couldn't BELIEVE how much they wanted for them. Good golly the things people will pay for. I love your version!

  27. >Great idea! I need a place to put something like this! 😀

  28. Allison says:

    >I swear I commented on this already… guess not! They look fabulous! Great job!Thanks for linking up!

  29. Ellen says:

    >Very smart and BD chic ;)) Good for you and excellent job!xoxo,Ellen

  30. >This looks great! I like yours better too!!Lou Cinda 🙂

  31. KaseyQ says:

    >Whenever I "antique" anything when I'm paper crafting I just use a brown ink pad and rub it along the edges of whatever I'm doing- a little bit less mess and it's always on hand! Cool idea!

  32. >Those are AWESOME. What a brilliant way to make fantastic all those old, boring books no one wants to read anymore, but you feel too stinking guilty to just throw in the trash!! 😀

  33. Christine says:

    >I love the tea stain idea!

  34. >I LOVE this! I've had this bookmarked for months and finally got around to making one of my own…check it out here, if you want:http://heartmainehome.blogspot.com/2011/05/one-book-three-ways-book-wreath-book.htmlThanks for the tea tip — worked great!

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