>An Ode to Buckley

>If I hear there’s a pet party going on …you know I have to be a part of it! I don’t have any kids…so Buckley gets all of our love and attention.

This little boy steals my heart everyday:

This picture was taken of us the day we got him from the shelter, in April 2010:

Poor little Buckley had a bad kennel cough, and didn’t want to eat at all. He spent most of the day shaking on the couch, following us with his eyes.

After spoon-feeding him boiled chicken & rice, he finally began to eat on his own. After that, we all began to bond, and he truly became our baby!

Last summer was great for Buckley…I was home and he wasn’t lonely during the day! We tried to teach him to swim…but found out that he HATES the water…

We spent lots of days out by my parents pool, enjoying the fenced in yard and the sunshine

Buckley did lots of lounging while we packed up our house to move to another rental in August…

And he LOVED going 2 vacations!

Buckley loves my parents pugs…
And summertime naps with daddy…
As school began again, we all adjusted, and Buckley learned how to get my attention when I wanted to blog after a 12-hour day at work:

He thinks…”maybe if I disobey the rules by jumping on the computer desk (between her and the computer) she’ll pay attention to me…” And you know what? I did! 🙂

We love our little snuggly “puppy”. He is a gift from God, who reminds me of love and loyalty EVERY day. I love to snuggle with him at night, and give him love of puppy kisses every day.

Give your dog a few minutes of your time today…they will be so thankful 🙂

6 Responses to “>An Ode to Buckley”
  1. LambAround says:

    >What adorable photos! Thank you for the heads up about the pet party too 🙂

  2. >This is so very sweet! What an awesome story, of love, time and devotion. Your Mom's pug is so darned cute too! Thanks for sharing and for following.

  3. Loribeth says:

    >Oh! He is sooooo sweet!We feel the same way about our two fur-babies. We don't have children either, so they're our children. And like Buckley, they both know how to get our attention!

  4. Allison says:

    >He is just precious! I had to laugh at the picture of Buckley and your parent's pug! That is one big pug! lol And Oscar HATES baths but LOVES to swim.And I totally think you should get a kitty for Buckley! I think if you get a kitten you should be fine. Oscar was 2 when we got Patton and they bonded quickly.

  5. >Hi, Christina! I'm a new follower and I've enjoyed browsing around your blog!Your little Buckley is precious. I love the picture of him on your computer desk!

  6. >Buckley is so cute! I couldn't decide which pic I liked best. We have a puppy baby too. Lindsay and I always spend quality time with her as soon as we get home from our long day away and Leia sleeps in Lindsay's bed every night. She is an important member of our family. Thanks for sharing your precious pictures!

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