>Check out my new design!

>If any of you were trying to view my blog this morning, I APOLOGIZE! Who knows what you would have seen…I has such a hard time re-designing my blog by myself! I must have tried 123098234575 different backgrounds, messed up 98234897612349834258345 times, and it’s not perfect, but it’s done for now!

Not only did I get a new background, but I moved my tabs from the top, and made “custom tabs” on the side…check them out! I also updated the content in them…please let me know if you have a problem clicking on any of them. I read this tutorial from 733: A Creative Blog and it was SO helpful!

I know people can pay to get people to do this for them, and it would look a million times better, but it’s totally not happening in the budget department on my end. So, instead, I drank my coffee and pulled my hair out, but I did it 🙂

And I got a few comments asking how the craft fair went. Well, it went. I can honestly say it was a good learning experience, but I barely sold anything 😦 BUT, what made me feel better was that NOTHING was being sold around me either…and there were some very professional displays with some great products. I realized that next time, I will look for a craft fair that is strictly a craft fair. There were a lot of people at this event, but it was a “holiday extravaganza” at an elementary school, and there were tons of kids (with their parents), but the focus of the event was not the crafts. It was pictures with Santa, gingerbread contests, holiday movie showings, and a kids holiday shoppe/gift wrapping station. I did take a picture of my table in the beginning of the day:

And it basically looked like that at the end of the day as well! Oh well! I did learn a lot, and I am planning on doing another one in the spring…but this one will be JUST a craft fair. I will say, I got a TON of comments on the coffee filter wreath! But no one bought it…and now I can have it in my house instead 🙂

Let me know what you think about my new blog design! Thanks so much for your encouraging comments on all of my projects…it means so much to me 🙂

4 Responses to “>Check out my new design!”
  1. Mare says:

    >I love the new design! Since I started following blogs I am really into damask. I never liked it before. I follow so many blogs I don't have time to post on my own…lol.

  2. >Great job on the tabs!!! Thanks for sharing and I hope I helped you save a bit of hair. 😉

  3. BikerCandy says:

    >I'm really sorry the craft fair didn't work out as you planned. I've been hearing that more and more from people. I think with the economy more people are trying their hand at making things on their own and they go to the craft fairs for ideas, but not necessarily to buy. I'm afraid I'm in that group myself. However, if I do find something I really like I will usually buy it so I have it as a model and then reproduce it from the model. I hope your next time is better and more profitable. I do love your stuff!

  4. >Hi Christina, I'm a little (ok a lot) behind on my blog reading, but I have been curious about your craft fair so I'm glad you posted an update. I was also a bit disappointed with my sales from the craft fairs I participated in this year (since this was my first experience selling at craft fairs, too). But I really had fun and it seems like it's a great way to advertise (if not sell). I've signed up for a few in the Spring, too so we'll see how those go! Have a great holiday!

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