>Winter Dollar Store Wall Art

>Am I the only one who feels a little overwhelmed with allll of the AMAZING ideas all over the blogs?! I look at them after a long day in my classroom, which was followed by a 3.5 hour grad class, and I feel so behind!

That being said, I stopped by the Dollar Store to see what inspired me (after said grad class last night!). This project was quick, easy, and cheap. Just what I need right now πŸ™‚

Here’s how you can make your own:

Buy 2 very tacky plaques (already with hangers on the back) from the Dollar Store:

UGH…do people actually buy these things and NOT cover them up?!

First, I painted the plaques with white paint that was leftover from another project. I then let them dry overnight:

Then I got home from work today, measured, taped off, and painted a stripe in the middle with one of my new favorite colors

Waited for it to dry, and then hot-glued snowflakes from the Dollar store ($1 for a pack of 3) to the middle.

And…it’s done!

Here they are hanging on my wall (I just took down 2 frames we had, so I didn’t have to put new hangers into the wall). I really like that this can be used after Christmas too!

Total Cost? Just $3 for both! As I said…perfect for my very minimal budget and time constraints πŸ™‚

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Get your craft on!

25 Responses to “>Winter Dollar Store Wall Art”
  1. >I love this! I think I am going to stop by the $1 tree on my lunch break tomorrow and make some! I am craving an easy project too…. I feel so behind & want to craft but there are so many things that I NEED to do before that 😦 Thanks for the cute idea!

  2. >I can't believe you got those at the dollar store…They actually look like they could have come from Pottery Barn,Take care,Lisa

  3. Allison says:

    >Those are fabulous! They look great and are so easy!

  4. Michelle says:

    >Those are gorgeous! I so love me some snowflakes and love the way you have them displayed. And yes, I get overwhelmed too!

  5. JunkyJen says:

    >Very cute!! I lurve the Doll-ah Tree! I bought the same snowflakes but wasn't quite as creative as you!! Those are fab!! I actually took a close up pic of the flakes on my tree for my blog.

  6. Meg says:

    >Ah, perfect! Those signs crack me up. I always go looking for the shape of the signs, not the content! Ha!

  7. >Very pretty and so creative. You have to love the dollar store!

  8. >Your creations have very good design, and look much more expensive than what you have invested in them! Just beautiful, Christina! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Suz says:

    >So pretty love them…thanks for sharing

  10. >Beautiful! Got to get to the Dollar store tomorrow before they all get gone!

  11. Allison says:

    >I LOVE these! I'm so glad you linked them up!

  12. Allison says:

    >Oh… and I am going to share this on the A Glimpse Inside FB page.http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/A-Glimpse-Inside/109530752451754

  13. Pam says:

    >That is what I love…those crafty ideas that don't cost a lot and look so nice. Love them in the shadow of the light..

  14. >Love your easy (and affordable) craft…saw it at Centsational Girl!I'm a new follower :)Check out my design and decor website, SAS Interiors @ http://www.sasinteriors.blogspot.com~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  15. Laura says:

    >These are super cute. I stopped by the Dollar Tree today and I will be making some this weekend!

  16. Jill says:

    >Lovely wall art!Thanks for linking up!Jill @ Creating my way to Successhttp://paisleypassions.blogspot.com/

  17. KasiaJ says:

    >Gorgeous! I love how simple and classy they are.

  18. >So simple and elegant! Not to mention cheap!Thanks for stopping by the Free for All party!Hannah @ http://www.youngancrafty.blogspot.com/

  19. >Now this is just too cute! Very sweet!

  20. dickers says:

    >I am also a teacher (and have finished grad school and an admin liscense in the last six years) so I hear you! LOVED your idea. I am going to get on it as soon as this week is over!

  21. Tanya says:

    >So simple and pretty…i wonder what else you could do for any other season? what a great idea!

  22. >cute easy fun CHEAP….well done. what you don't like the cat and dog thing – that doesn't go with your decor? Ha!

  23. >whoa whoa-i don't know about covering up an adorable bulldog, lol. but when you're covering it with something this nice, i suppose it's ok! looks super chic.

  24. >What a simple yet beautiful idea. I really think those snowflakes are so pretty, can't believe they came from the dollar store. Hugs-Carrie

  25. April says:

    >These are so nice! They look lovely on your wall!

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