>TOP 10 in 2010

>Well, since it is the last day of 2010, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of everyone’s top 10 posts of this year. Since my blog only really started in June, it’s a little different…and there’s some VERY amateur blogging that I’m a little embarassed about, but hey, everyone starts somewhere, right? I’ve definitely … Continue reading

>Slipcover Love

>Just a quick make-over for today… I got a slipcover for our chair! Wooohooo! This was 3 years overdue and I’m so excited 🙂 We inherited the “plum” wingback chair from my parents when we got married…and it’s GREAT structurally. But, can you see that nasty faded side? Yuck. Well, it’s been like that for … Continue reading

>20 Below Thursday #1

>Please join me in my first linky party EVER! By having a husband who is a full-time grad student, and living on my beginning teachers salary, I am forced to make my crafts very inexpensively. But that does NOT mean they need to be ugly! I want to challenge you to make your projects as … Continue reading

>I’m Guest Posting Today

> Please go visit Allison’s wonderful blog, A Glimpse Inside, because I am doing my first guest post today, and showing my tutorial on how I made this for my mother in law: I have the tutorial up on her site, and I would love it if you would go visit, and let me know … Continue reading

>Washer Necklace

>Ready for another hand-made Christmas gift? How about this necklace: I originally found the idea for this necklace at Oopsey Daisy, which directed me to this tutorial at Blue Cricket Design. You know what I say? Why re-create the wheel if someone’s done a beautiful job of writing a tutorial on making that wheel 🙂 … Continue reading

>Clipboard Christmas Presents

>As most of you know, I teach Kindergarten Autism Support. I have some amazing co-workers, and we always get eachother small things for Christmas every year. Instead of another candle or basket of home-made cookies (which are GREAT gifts…I’ve just given them too many times now!) I personalized some of those clipboards I made for … Continue reading

>Some Blog changes…

>Hi ladies! In case you didn’t notice, I FINALLY got around to fixing some of the glitches on my blog…and hopefully they work now!! I am really excited 🙂 I know people were having issues viewing my blog through Firefox…and it seems to be working now. PLEASE let me know if it isn’t working for … Continue reading

>Making art out of a cabinet door

>I’m so happy to be back after a few days of Christmas craziness. I was VERY busy crafting up until literally the last minutes, and now I can finally share the projects I have been working on with you! Just because I gave these as Christmas presents doesn’t mean they’re strictly for Christmas…so I thought … Continue reading

>Featured on Polly Want a Crafter?

>Hellow lovely ladies! Just a quick “hi” from me today…I wanted to let you know that my yarn trees are featured today at Polly Want a Crafter? ! Yay! It’s a great new “only crafts” site, which was started by Cassity from Remodelaholic. Come check it out!! Hope you’re all surviving during this crazy week … Continue reading

>Just checking in…

> Hi lovely ladies I just wanted to let you know that I have NOT forgotten about you! I am just very overwhelmed with… Teaching (oh yeah…I DO have a job that requires 10+ hours of my day M-F!) Progress Reports (due next Wednesday…ahhh so time-consuming) Grad. class work (I’m getting an Autism Certification…kind of … Continue reading