>I’m still making clipboards…

>This week has been a little crazy (American Ed. Week= parent visitations/observations throughout the week), so my life has been: work for 10-12 hours, come home, eat dinner, make a clipboard. Haha! Sorry I’m boring you guys with this…I know this is my third post on these clipboards…but I think they’re turning out really cute! I’m having fun with them 🙂

Here are the clipboards I’ve completed so far to sell in the craft fair:

Here’s a closeup of the ones I didn’t post about yet:

And I love these little ones:

Thanks for your help with the mod-podge question…I think the best strategy was to just be more patient and let the bottom coat dry before I put the top coat on. There’s barely any bubbles now 🙂

A few more questions for YOU:

Should I put ribbon embellishments on all of them like I did on the green/blue/brown one? I have the materials…just trying to figure out whether it makes them prettier or not.

Should I make more? I have 2 more blank clipboards I’ll finish up this weekend…but should I make another trip to the store to invest in some more? This is not the only thing I’m selling at the craft fair…

Let me know your thoughts! Oh, and by the way…I was featured on Remodelaholic yesterday…one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE blogs! She featured my b&w piano bench makeover 🙂

15 Responses to “>I’m still making clipboards…”
  1. Miss M says:

    >Hey there!First of all- your website is so cute and I'm glad to see your teaching is going well. I don't know how craft fairs work or if you're able to offer personalization- but my coworker made us all clipboards like these last year for Christmas. She also cut out similar material and put it inside a pen and attached the pen. The cool thing, though, was on the back she used letters to spell out our names so we don't all get them mixed up, so on the back of mine it has Miss M in really cool letters. I think your clipboard idea is great and is going to be a great sale to teachers especially. I'm pretty sure I use about 10 clipboards in a day to keep myself organized!Great job! 🙂

  2. Doreen says:

    >Hello – I just discovered your wonderful blog from Young & Crafty. (I hopped on over.) I am absolutely in LOVE with mini clipboards. I have been making them for years. I add a matching pad of paper and lots of bells & whistles — oops, I mean ribbon and tags — to mine. I have sold some at craft fairs, but it's frustrating because people do not seem to value the TIME that went into making them, and want it at bargain basement prices! 😦 When you get a moment, please come on by and take a peek at my clipboard ensembles. http://altered-artworks.blogspot.com/search/label/clipboards

  3. Kelly says:

    >These are so cute….and they would make great Christmas gifts!Kelly

  4. Han*Gaert says:

    >I've been debating about doing this for myself but didn't know how it would look! I love yours! To answer your question about the ribbons… I would try to keep everything as flat as possible. Yes the little bow on the pink one was uber adorable, but does it interfere with the functionality of the clipboard? I'd keep that in mind as your continue on. Good work! I would definitly buy some at a craft fair! :)~Nikki

  5. >You clipboards are looking really great! I hope you sell every one of them :)Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/

  6. >These are too cute especially love the black and whites ones. I think a little ribbon helps them pop more. You can maybe try those little rhinestones stickers too for more pop. Maybe add ribbon or the rhinestones to the clip part or keep it close to the bottom of the clipboard so the rest stays flat for functionality like another blogger said.I'd love if you linked up to my Scrappy Saturdays: http://www.scrappy-gifts.com/2010/11/38th-scrappy-saturdays.html

  7. >Oh my word!! I absolutely LOVE them!! You are just adorable….

  8. >What a great idea! I love them! The bold designs are really wonderful!

  9. Theresa says:

    >So cute with or without the ribbon! I've never done a craft show, so not sure what I'd advise on making more. Best of Luck selling these!

  10. >Your clipboards are lovely, with or without ribbon! What a fantastic idea!

  11. Jill says:

    >Those clipboards look great! I'm sure you'll sell heaps!Thanks for linking this project too!

  12. Rebecca says:

    >These look great! I made some similar for Christmas gifts a few years ago, but didn't think to use ribbon to dress them up a bit. Ribbon can be simple but add that bit of style to dress it up one more step.

  13. >Those are so stinkin' cute! Super fabulous job!

  14. Cricket says:

    >I would love to buy a few of your clipboards but live in Utah. Would you be willing to mail them if I paid the postage?

  15. >These are lovely! Keep making them… My vote goes for ribbon and embellishment;ear the top where they won't interfere with the writing-but I'm a "more is better" gal, so not everyone might like MORE. (maybe some plain and some "dressed up"?) 🙂 mercedes

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