>Clipboards for the craft fair

>OK, so in case you missed it, I am going to be selling things at a local craft fair for the first time…and I’m getting a little nervous! If you have advice…please share it! I really appreciate all of you women telling me things you look for/avoid at craft fairs. I need all of the help I can get!

Here’s the latest addition…inspired by this post :

Cute right? Well…the one on the left might be…but take a closer look at the one on the right:

OK, so I didn’t let the mod-podge dry for the picture…but it totally wrinkled!! I am so bummed!! 😦 I thought the zebra/pink print was cute…and I only had one sheet of zebra paper…ahh! So I’m going to ask you for help again…how do you prevent bubbling when using mod-podge? That paper was thinner than the other one…so that’s the only thing I did differently.


7 Responses to “>Clipboards for the craft fair”
  1. >I use a hard CD case and keep smoothing until it's pretty dry. It's time consuming but I rarely get wrinkles!

  2. Lauren K. says:

    >You could use spray adhesive to put the paper on the clipboard and then use modge podge to cover. 🙂

  3. amberdawn says:

    >For me, I use a thin layer to put on the paper, smooth that really well and make sure it is dry before putting on the top coat. Try this to salvage this one: Use sand paper or a sanding block, and sand your edges lighty (gives it a vintage style look) Then dust over the entire clipboard very carefully with black paint (very little on a dry brush) or use a black chalk or ink pad. You can do the edges darker to stand out-this will usually hide any imperfections!

  4. Rachel says:

    >Love the clipboards!! You are so creative!! =) I have an award for ya over at my blog!! Come on by and get it! =)

  5. Cadiedid says:

    >How do you cut it to shape it around the clip part? I'd love to try this but that's about the only thing that's stopping me right now!

  6. >I love Mod Podged clipboards!

  7. >A thin layer of modge podge is the trick! If it's too think…it will wrinkle!

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