>Help me please!

>So…I think I’m going to be signing up to be a vendor at a craft fair! Ahhh! I am excited/overwhelmed at the same time. I have some projects that are made already, and I have made a list of things I think would sell well at the craft fair…but I need time to make all of it!

I don’t think this is a “big time” fair…it’s a “Holiday Shop” at an elementary school, and they’re gearing it towards vendors who will be selling great gifts for Christmas. It’s $25 for a space, but you have to bring your own table. I have to let them know by Monday whether I’m in or not.

So, PLEASE HELP ME! Have you ever been a vendor at a craft fair? Have you shopped for Christmas gifts at craft fairs? If so, please help me with some “beginniners tips”. I am seeing this as a learning experience…which is why I wanted to start out with a smaller fair first. But I think it’ll be so good to try to market my stuff as Christmas gifts, and then maybe it could give me a little bit of Christmas money 🙂

Note: The give-away is over. The winner was announced here – Rachel from Holy Craft. Please comment with your e-mail so I can get in contact with you. Thank you to all who entered!! 🙂

6 Responses to “>Help me please!”
  1. Allison says:

    >I have never done one but want too. There is one similar to what you are talking about by me on the 4th and I would love to do it but with only 3 weeks to prepare I just couldn't imagine being ready. We are hosting Thanksgiving so there goes 4 days of guests being here so no working on stuff on top of my husband has been traveling a lot so I don't know if he would be around to help me set up and what not. So hopefully someday I will do one. I say go for it though! Good luck!

  2. >I did quite a few craft shows last year. I make homemade soap. I live in Omaha Nebraska and don't know what the market is where you live. That being said. Here's my tips: Don't spend too much on the booth.$25 is about perfect…less than that isn't worth your time because they aren't expecting any kind of turnout. More than that usually means you have to sell ALOT to even break even. I say go for it! They're a lot of fun and spending $25 is worth it just for the contacts you will make. Based on this blog you are going to sell your stuff and have a great time! An elementary school is great too because chances are there will be someone there to help you set up if you need it. Have fun! You should definitely do it

  3. Tanya says:

    >I am both a craft buyer and seller. My tips are to make your booth look as pretty as you can (nice table cloth, cute signs or packaging), and to say hello to everyone who walks by. It's harder to ignore a vendor who is talking to you!

  4. amberdawn says:

    >I agree with all the above! And my suggestion from both a buyer and seller's standpoint, is this is a tough year for all: so make things that are in the very inexpensive zone. But don't give your stuff away! I know that sounds hard! I think things that sell at craft shows right now are in that category of "teacher's gifts" you things for teachers, hairdressers, cousins, etc. Also spread some candy around your table-makes the kids stop, and the parents can't help but look! 🙂

  5. amberdawn says:

    >Oh! And don't forget to make up some business cards to have on your table so people that didn't buy but liked your stuff can contact you! Good luck!

  6. Eva says:

    >I've never done a craft show but I love going to them! Especially Christmas ones :)I think you should do it, just be yourself and show off your unique and wonderful goods, people will come!http://bottleblack.blogspot.com

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