>Blessings & a GIVE-AWAY!

>Before I get to the weekly menu board give-away, I needed to share some blessings God gave me today!

Wednesdays are my day to leave “early” from school. I am usually at school about 12 hours a day (Leave my house at 6:45, come home at 7:15). On Wednesdays, I have to get home by around 5:00 so I can be with Buckley (my husband has class later on these nights). SO, I forced myself to leave my classroom, I got home to beef stew in the crock pot

I got changed into my favorite comfy sweats, and because I was feeling so “fall-ish”, I made a pumpkin pie!
Then I made my Ballard Design Knock-off pinecone wreath

If that wasn’t enough…I got a NEW CAMERA this weekend! I went to test it out on the amazing tree outside my house…
When I saw THIS!

And then I realized it went ALL the way across…

And THEN, when I was already amazed…I realized there was a faint double rainbow!

Can you see it?!

I just had to share my wonderful fall evening. Oh yeah…and I also took in a little boy’s sweater vest (from the thrift store) for Buckley! Let me explain – I am NOT that person! I never thought I would dress my dog in a sweater! BUT, he is shaking all of the time! And he has basically no body fat, and he has almost no fur on his belly! Poor dog…but he honestly loves his sweater!

OK…now I thought I would show all of you how absolutely AMAZING you are! I will be giving away a whiteboard weekly meal planner…

Made by me!

I had so many wonderful comments on the one I made for myself (which I use EVERYDAY!), so I thought I would make one for one of you! It’s black, gray, and white, and I feel that it could match with a LOT. The insert in the frame says it’s 7×9 1/4 inches, so the whole thing is close to an 8×10.

So…how do you win?

1. You have to be a follower of my blog. Leave me a comment telling me that you are!

2. Tell other people about my blog or my give-away! Leave me another comment with the link to your post.

The give-away end on Friday, October 15th. The winner will be announced by Saturday the 16th.

Good luck! You’re all the BEST and I’m so thankful for you!

40 Responses to “>Blessings & a GIVE-AWAY!”
  1. Jamie says:

    >I'm your follower and I love your menu board!!! 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    >I tweeted about your giveaway!! ;)http://twitter.com/glitterpixie13/status/26606668323

  3. >I love this! First of all, your beef stew looks awesome! I've been dying to make all of my "fall crock pot hearty dinners" but I got a letter in the mailthe other day from Kohls saying my crock pot was being recalled!! LOL Second of all, my dog also has some clothes and I am also totally NOT that person!!! So I understand! But when your dog is 4 lbs, she gets cold after a bath and needs her snuggie 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! I'm having my 1st giveaway right now, hope you'll stop by and enter!

  4. Sarah says:

    >I'm a follower! Your blog is adorable! 🙂

  5. Lexi's Mommy says:

    >i am a follower!! This would be great in my kitchen!

  6. Mrs. Puma says:

    >I follow you! How big is the menu board by the way? I love that idea, I've been scribbling ours in the corner of my to-do board.

  7. Mrs. Puma says:

    >I tweeted your giveaway, but I'm not tech savvy enough to know how to make a link to the actual tweet. This is my twitter id though: http://twitter.com/soonerpsych.: )

  8. >Great giveaway! I could definitely use this at my house! 🙂 So cute!~Teresaoh…and I'm already a follower. 😉

  9. Kendall says:

    >I'm a follower- and love your beautiful rainbow pictures!-Kendall{songbirdsandbuttons.blogspot.com}

  10. Sherah says:

    >Wow, that looks so cute! I would love to win one…I'm a follower. =)

  11. Charlie says:

    >duh i'm a follower! and if my luck strikes twice here i'm going to be amazed 🙂 cuteeee wreath!! i love it!!!

  12. trippchelsea says:

    >I'm a follower and that beef stew looks yummy! 🙂

  13. Shell says:

    >I'm a stalker..ahem follower. That menu board would fit right in with my b & w kitchen too & would save me the hassle of trying to copycat it.

  14. Mandy says:

    >I'm a follower!

  15. Mandy says:

    >i "tweeted" about this give away!http://twitter.com/thecubanator

  16. >I love your board! Thanks for inviting me over to participate in this great giveaway. :)I am now a follower.I love the pictures of all of your "blessings". So thankful that you realize it is the little things in life that are our biggest blessings. :)Bless you!Traci

  17. Decorchick! says:

    >Hey great giveaway! I'm a follower and love your blog! Those pictures are incredible too. Rainbows are the best. 🙂 *hugs*

  18. >I'm a follower! The sweater on your dog cracked me up!Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.comP.S. I dont mind if you link up to Scraptastic Saturday 😉

  19. Laura says:

    >I just started following you. I love your site and what you do!

  20. Amanda says:

    >I am now officially following! Keep up the good work!

  21. Amanda says:

    >I also tweeted about your giveaway! http://twitter.com/twinmommyand1

  22. BizzyMom says:

    >Following! Love your style!

  23. Heather says:

    >I'm a new follower and I love your stuff!

  24. >what a sweet lil dog. animals in clothes=awesome!

  25. Bri Buzali says:

    >I LOVE your blog and this whiteboard, I've been following on google reader for a while 🙂 and your dog is presh!

  26. Bri Buzali says:

    >I tweeted the give away as well 🙂 http://twitter.com/BriBuzali

  27. K says:

    >Follower of course!

  28. K says:

    >I tweeted about the giveaway too!@bigklittlea~Kbigklittlea.blogspot.combigklittlea@gmail.comm

  29. Melissa says:

    >I'm a new follower! LOVE the menu board!moehend@yahoo.co

  30. Tanya says:

    >Thanks for the giveaway! I'm a follower, so count me in!PS…my dog wears sweaters, too. And footsies.

  31. amberdawn says:

    >I just became a follower yesterday! I am already totally addicted to your blog! 🙂

  32. Randi says:

    >I am new at following your adventures and would love to win the menu board. I'm all about organization. 🙂

  33. >I'm a follower and I have the perfect place for the menu board!!! :)www.paintedstudio.blogspot.comCheryl

  34. LyndaB says:

    >I'm a follower… gorgeous rainbow!

  35. pebes2 says:

    >I am a follower! I would love this board! Love your blog.

  36. Jessica says:

    >Newest follower of you blog 😉 californiasunshine84@gmail.comLOVE the whiteboard. so very cute!

  37. Jessica says:

    >I just facebooked your white board giveaway!! .. but if any of my friends enter and win this I'm going to be jealous! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1618281571#!/profile.php?id=517161686californiasunshine84@gmail.com

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