>Table Make-Over!

>My husband got this table a few years ago, and it has been very heavily used!

It has been used as a nightstand, microwave table, and end table…and was still in great condition! It just wasn’t pretty. I took it out of storage, and decided that it had a lot more potential! It was time for a table make-over!!

Here’s another “before” shot…

After some light sanding, priming, a paint job, and a new knob…here she is!

So simple! And I love the knob I got at Wal-Mart…

Doesn’t she look so much more “formal”? See all of the potential she had? She just needed a little attention, and some minor cosmetic touch-ups 🙂

If anyone’s in the Philadelphia area, this table will be posted on Craigslist for $20!

*UPDATE: I sold the table within the hour it was posted on Craigslist! I was so excited! It helped to give me some encouragement to sell some more “makeovers” that I can’t use in my house right now. That $20 will be put to good use while I go yardsale shopping this weekend… 🙂

19 Responses to “>Table Make-Over!”
  1. Suesan says:

    >You did a great job, but $20 is way too cheap. I love the knob, too.http://froufrugal.blogspot.comI'm visiting from It's So Very Cheri.

  2. >Doesn't even look like the same table. Really nice job!

  3. Jenn says:

    >Great job! Came over from It's So Cheri! Isn't it great what just a little paint can do!

  4. Kat says:

    >Looks awesome! Found you @ it's so very cheri:)-Kathttp://katray.blogspot.com/

  5. >Great table…I agree with froufrugal $20 is way too cheap. Black is always the obvious choice for me…so sophisticated.

  6. Chrissie says:

    >Beautiful. What a transformation. $20? Wish I lived close to you!

  7. Janet says:

    >What a difference a change of color can make, great job!

  8. Diane says:

    >I love black and it really made a difference in that table. Turned out soooo cute Ü

  9. Chris says:

    >The table looks great! It is amazing what a little paint and new knobs can do! Visiting from It's So Very Cheri. 🙂

  10. >Fantastic job! Your table looks amazing!

  11. >Very nice job, I love changing furniture. (I'm visiting you from Its So Very Cheri.. Doncha know). (:

  12. Lolly Jane says:

    >$20 is all? smokin deal. and i'm heading to walmart, that knob is CUTE!!new follower! (:

  13. >That is fabulous. I love it, and your blog.

  14. >What a great makeover–simple but has impact!

  15. oops! says:

    >I love it and I can't believe the great price! Some one is getting a heck of a deal!

  16. Holly says:

    >CUTE table. I love what paint and a little detail can do to freshen something up. Congrats on selling it so quickly!

  17. >No way…I HAVE this table. It's been sitting dully as an end table in our guest room. I might have to copy your redo and give it a promotion to the master bedroom! =)Marisa

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