>Free Cabinet Doors


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were on our way to church when we spotted one of those “free” signs on the side of the road that always makes me sit on the edge of my seat in anticipation…

it was these cabinet doors! Dirty, dusty, and soaked (did I mention it was pouring rain?). But they were solid wood, and of course I made my husband stop the car so I could load them in the trunk! (Husband: thinks I’m crazy)

So I clomped on the loose gravel driveway in my church clothes and 3 inch heels (in the pouring rain) and loaded them into the trunk! I was so excited, and my husband’s just grumbling about what I could possibly want old cabinet doors for…

For some silly reason, this picture makes me laugh! I think it looks like they’re the “bad kids” at recess who are being punished by waiting against the wall while the other kids play…haha

So they have sat in my house for about 2 months! I have done nothing to them! BUT now I just remembered that I have them sitting in the closet, and I have been inspired by a few ideas I have seen around the internet lately…

Cabinet Door Clock at Twice Lovely

This easy and inexpensive cabinet door hook from Learn and Go

Serving tray/vignette decoration (check out the awesome lace detailing…love that idea!) at Living with Lindsay

And I LOVE this black and white serving tray from CraftyNest.

Who knew there were so many different things to do with these cabinet doors?! I am so excited to get working…give me your opinions on your favorites! (OR – let me know of other ideas! I would LOVE to hear/see them!!)

7 Responses to “>Free Cabinet Doors”
  1. Polly says:

    >Thanks for the shout-out! I love knowing that people are inspired by my creativity!

  2. Shell says:

    >Oooh thanks for the ideas! I found some nice solid wood cabinet doors on the side of the road in a tiny German village & you can just imagine the looks I got from the lil old lady across the street lol

  3. Marie says:

    >Hi there,New follower from New Friend Fridays. Those are really neat ideas. I wish I was as half as crafty as that. Great blog you have here.MarieThe Things We Find Inside

  4. Mrs. Puma says:

    >I've never thought of something like this, great post!

  5. Pam C says:

    >Love the tray…great Christmas gifts (hint, hint)

  6. >Oh what a lucky find !! I would totally freak out if I was so fortunate. I have a ton of cabinet door projects I want tot do and NO cabinet doors. Except on my cabinets where I need them to stay. LOL

  7. Sherah says:

    >Oh man! I was at Goodwill the other day and they had THREE identical heavy wood cabinet doors painted in white for $2.99 each. Darn…

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